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The Fall Of Rural America

2 minute read

I have noticed more articles being written about the difference in living conditions in America’s urban and rural areas. Some articles, such as this one abou...

Why China

5 minute read

I originally came to China as a way to continue my Chinese language study and pursue a career in consulting, government work, or perhaps an NGO. After gettin...


6 minute read

This is a follow up to the post I wrote last year, 2016.

Why Dont We Have Customized Ui?

2 minute read

I like to think of customization through the lens of clothing. Presumably there was originally no clothing, but each of our bodies was “custom built” if you ...


7 minute read

Goodbye 2015

A More Perfect Polling System

2 minute read

One of the biggest issues in American politics today is the unbalanced influence of those with money. In fact, it’s the entire basis of Larry Lessig’s campai...

A Closer Look At Chinas Massive Ios Hack

3 minute read

If you follow China or Apple, then you by now have certainly heard of the XCode Ghost hack that took place in mid September. According to Caijing Magazine, w...