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DayDayCook 日日煮

DayDayCook is one of the most popular cooking apps in the Asian Pacific (APAC) region. The app was named to the “Top 10 Apps of 2016” list by the Hong Kong App Store. The application spans the full range of Apple devices, from iPhone and iPad to Apple TV, Apple Watch. The app also comes packaged with an iMessage application extension.

The DayDayCook app uses various technologies including:

  • In-house video player built on top of Bilibili’s IJKPlayer
  • Wechat, Alipay, and Apple’s In App Purchase payment methods
  • Modified version of Apple’s “Advanced CollectionView” datasource framework
  • Encrypted requests
  • Object instance-caching
  • Router framework for handling push notifications, app opens from webpages and the App Store, and internal page routing
  • Html-like form framework for handling user input via forms
  • Sharing to third party platforms (Wechat, QQ, Weibo, Whatsapp, Facebook)
  • Login via phone number, email, or third party platforms (Wechat, QQ, Weibo, Facebook)
  • Push notifications via GeTui (个推)
  • Data collection via UMeng (友盟) and GrowingIO
  • Custom photo selector
  • Support for 3 languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English)